A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Remembering old Sonic games...

My name is Elieser Oliveira, I am passionate about games and their developments and I pay my respects to SEGA and its mascot.

The construction of this game made me very happy and so, bringing back a touch of nostalgia. Make it clear, not just in this game, it's just a tribute to SEGA and Sonic. Because Sonic Runner-style games are separate, this is just a fan-like game with a pixelated twist. I'm adding a video to reminisce about the Mega Drive times, with good Sonic games.

It's game have a Unity project with file.exe to this.

Repository is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Sonic Runner - Fan Game

Install instructions


Space - Jump;


Sonic Retro Runner - Fan Game.exe 25 MB

Development log


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really fun

IT WONT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is this like sonic 2 because i can only get to the death egg!

It's goddamn amazing :D

sonic ring